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Thu, 02 Oct 2014 14:24:32 -0400
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Bug 1075336 - Fix lifetime management of CounterStyle. r=dbaron, a=sledru

<!DOCTYPE html>
    This test checks that setting a background on a ::-moz-placeholder works.
    However, given that it is not possible to do an actualy equality check, we
    have te check that setting a background doesn't produce the same result
    as not setting it.
    :-moz-any(input, textarea).color::-moz-placeholder {
      background-color: blue;
    :-moz-any(input, textarea).gradient::-moz-placeholder {
      background: linear-gradient(to right, blue, white, red);
    <input class="color" placeholder='foo'>
    <textarea class="color" placeholder='foo'></textarea>
    <input class="gradient" placeholder='foo'>
    <textarea class="gradient" placeholder='foo'></textarea>