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Bug 606194 - Use mmap given addresses if necessary, r=taras a=blocking-fennec

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[ptr] native PRThread(PRThread);

interface nsIThread;

 * An interface for creating and locating nsIThread instances.
[scriptable, uuid(487c10bf-0a22-4148-89fa-790d819dd559)]
interface nsIThreadManager : nsISupports
   * Create a new thread (a global, user PRThread).
   * @param creationFlags
   *   Reserved for future use.  Pass 0.
   * @returns
   *   The newly created nsIThread object.
  nsIThread newThread(in unsigned long creationFlags);
   * Get the nsIThread object (if any) corresponding to the given PRThread.
   * This method returns null if there is no corresponding nsIThread.
   * @param prthread
   *   The PRThread of the nsIThread being requested.
   * @returns
   *   The nsIThread object corresponding to the given PRThread or null if no
   *   such nsIThread exists.
  [noscript] nsIThread getThreadFromPRThread(in PRThread prthread);

   * Get the main thread.
  readonly attribute nsIThread mainThread;

   * Get the current thread.  If the calling thread does not already have a
   * nsIThread associated with it, then a new nsIThread will be created and
   * associated with the current PRThread.
  readonly attribute nsIThread currentThread;

   * This attribute is true if the calling thread is the main thread of the
   * application process.
  readonly attribute boolean isMainThread;

   * This attribute is true if the calling thread is the thread on which the
   * cycle collector runs.
  readonly attribute boolean isCycleCollectorThread;