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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIAccessible.idl"
#include "nsIArray.idl"

 * An interface for the accessibility module and in-process accessibility clients
 * for dealing with getting and changing the selection of accessible nodes.
 * @status UNDER_REVIEW
[scriptable, uuid(34d268d6-1dd2-11b2-9d63-83a5e0ada290)]
interface nsIAccessibleSelectable : nsISupports
    const unsigned long eSelection_Add = 0;
    const unsigned long eSelection_Remove = 1;
    const unsigned long eSelection_GetState = 2;

     * Return an nsIArray of selected nsIAccessible children 
    nsIArray GetSelectedChildren();
     * Returns the number of accessible children currently selected.
    readonly attribute long selectionCount;

     * Adds the specified accessible child of the object to the
     * object's selection.
     * If the specified object is already selected, then it does nothing.
     * @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if the specified object is not selectable.
    void addChildToSelection(in long index);

     * Removes the specified child of the object from the object's selection.
     * If the specified object was not selected, then it does nothing.
     * @throws NS_ERROR_FAILURE if the specified object is not selectable.
    void removeChildFromSelection(in long index);

     * Clears the selection in the object so that no children in the object
     * are selected.
    void clearSelection();

     * Returns a reference to the accessible object representing the specified
     * selected child of the object.
     * @param index Zero-based selected accessible child index 
     * @return The nth selected accessible child
    nsIAccessible refSelection(in long index);

      * Determines if the current child of this object is selected
      * @param The zero-based accessible child index
      * @return Returns true if the child is selected, false if not.
    boolean isChildSelected(in long index);

     * Select all children
     * @return If the object does not accept multiple selection, return false.
     *         Otherwise, returns true.
    boolean selectAllSelection();