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bug 383112 - make MOZ_XUL_APP=1 the default in configure, r=bsmedberg

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#include "nsISupports.idl"
#include "nsIAccessibleRetrieval.idl"

interface nsIAccessibleEventListener;
interface nsIDocument;
interface nsIFrame;
interface nsObjectFrame;
interface nsIContent;

interface nsIAccessibilityService : nsIAccessibleRetrieval
  nsIAccessible createOuterDocAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode);
  nsIAccessible createRootAccessible(in nsIPresShell aShell, in nsIDocument aDocument);

  nsIAccessible createHTML4ButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLAreaAccessible(in nsIWeakReference aPresShell, in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode, in nsIAccessible aAccParent);
  nsIAccessible createHyperTextAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLBRAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLAccessibleByMarkup(in nsIFrame aFrame, in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode, in AString aRole);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLLIAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame, in nsISupports aBulletFrame, in AString aBulletText);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLCheckboxAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLComboboxAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLGenericAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLGroupboxAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLHRAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLImageAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLLabelAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLListboxAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLObjectFrameAccessible(in nsObjectFrame aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLRadioButtonAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLSelectOptionAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIAccessible aAccParent, in nsIWeakReference aPresShell);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLTableAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLTableCellAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLTableHeadAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aDOMNode);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLTextAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);
  nsIAccessible createHTMLTextFieldAccessible(in nsISupports aFrame);

  nsIAccessible getAccessible(in nsIDOMNode aNode, in nsIPresShell aPresShell,                          
                              in nsIWeakReference aWeakShell, 
                              inout nsIFrame frameHint, out boolean aIsHidden);

  // For gtk+ native window accessible
  nsIAccessible addNativeRootAccessible(in voidPtr aAtkAccessible);
  void removeNativeRootAccessible(in nsIAccessible aRootAccessible);

   * Invalidate the accessibility cache associated with aPresShell, for accessibles
   * that were generated for aContainerContent and it's subtree.
   * The container content node for the change is passed in, rather than the
   * changed presentation for the content node itself.
   * @param aPresShell         The presShell where changes occured
   * @param aChangeContent     The affected DOM content
   * @param aEvent             The event from nsIAccessibleEvent that
   *                           caused the change:
   *                           Must be one of:
   *                           EVENT_REORDER (change),
   *                           EVENT_SHOW (make visible or create) or 
   *                           EVENT_HIDE (destroy or hide)
  void invalidateSubtreeFor(in nsIPresShell aPresShell,
                                       in nsIContent aChangedContent,
                                       in PRUint32 aEvent);

%{ C++

// for component registration
// {DE401C37-9A7F-4278-A6F8-3DE2833989EF}
{ 0xde401c37, 0x9a7f, 0x4278, { 0xa6, 0xf8, 0x3d, 0xe2, 0x83, 0x39, 0x89, 0xef } }

extern nsresult
NS_GetAccessibilityService(nsIAccessibilityService** aResult);