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Add a few missing null-checks. Return error code from GetRuleLine() when it fails. b=462787 r+sr=dbaron

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#ifndef nsAppRunner_h__
#define nsAppRunner_h__

#ifdef XP_WIN
#include <windows.h>
#include <limits.h>

#ifdef PATH_MAX
#elif defined(_MAX_PATH)
#elif defined(CCHMAXPATH)
#define MAXPATHLEN 1024

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsXULAppAPI.h"

// This directory service key is a lot like NS_APP_LOCALSTORE_50_FILE,
// but it is always the "main" localstore file, even when we're in safe mode
// and we load localstore from somewhere else.

 * A directory service key which provides the update directory.
 * At present this is supported only on Windows.
 * Windows: Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\
 *          <Vendor>\<Application>\<relative path to app dir from Program Files>
 * If appDir is not under the Program Files, directory service will fail.
 * Callers should fallback to appDir.
#define XRE_UPDATE_ROOT_DIR "UpdRootD"

class nsACString;
struct nsStaticModuleInfo;

class nsINativeAppSupport;
class nsICmdLineService;
class nsXREDirProvider;
class nsIToolkitProfileService;
class nsILocalFile;
class nsIProfileLock;
class nsIProfileUnlocker;
class nsIFactory;

extern nsXREDirProvider* gDirServiceProvider;

// NOTE: gAppData will be null in embedded contexts. The "size" parameter
// will be the size of the original structure passed to XRE_main, but the
// structure will have all of the members available.
extern const nsXREAppData* gAppData;
extern PRBool gSafeMode;

extern int    gArgc;
extern char **gArgv;
extern PRBool gLogConsoleErrors;

 * Create the nativeappsupport implementation.
 * @note XPCOMInit has not happened yet.
nsresult NS_CreateNativeAppSupport(nsINativeAppSupport* *aResult);

NS_NewToolkitProfileService(nsIToolkitProfileService* *aResult);

NS_NewToolkitProfileFactory(nsIFactory* *aResult);

 * Try to acquire exclusive access to the specified profile directory.
 * @param aPath
 *        The profile directory to lock.
 * @param aTempPath
 *        The corresponding profile temporary directory.
 * @param aUnlocker
 *        A callback interface used to attempt to unlock a profile that
 *        appears to be locked.
 * @param aResult
 *        The resulting profile lock object (or null if the profile could
 *        not be locked).
 * @return NS_ERROR_FILE_ACCESS_DENIED to indicate that the profile
 *         directory cannot be unlocked.
NS_LockProfilePath(nsILocalFile* aPath, nsILocalFile* aTempPath,
                   nsIProfileUnlocker* *aUnlocker, nsIProfileLock* *aResult);


#ifdef XP_WIN
WinLaunchChild(const PRUnichar *exePath, int argc, char **argv, int needElevation);


// Like nsXREAppData, but releases all strong refs/allocated memory
// in the destructor.
class ScopedAppData : public nsXREAppData
  ScopedAppData() { Zero(); this->size = sizeof(*this); }

  ScopedAppData(const nsXREAppData* aAppData);

  void Zero() { memset(this, 0, sizeof(*this)); }


 * Given "str" is holding a string allocated with NS_Alloc, or null:
 * replace the value in "str" with a new value.
 * @param newvalue Null is permitted. The string is cloned with
 *                 NS_strdup
void SetAllocatedString(const char *&str, const char *newvalue);

 * Given "str" is holding a string allocated with NS_Alloc, or null:
 * replace the value in "str" with a new value.
 * @param newvalue If "newvalue" is the empty string, "str" will be set
 *                 to null.
void SetAllocatedString(const char *&str, const nsACString &newvalue);

template<class T>
void SetStrongPtr(T *&ptr, T* newvalue)
  ptr = newvalue;

#endif // nsAppRunner_h__