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Bug 178324, refactor focus by moving all focus handling into one place and simplifying it, add many tests, fixes many other bugs too numerous to mention in this small checkin comment, r=josh,smichaud,ere,dbaron,marco,neil,gavin,smaug,sr=smaug (CLOSED TREE)

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#  Ted Mielczarek <>
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# the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

# Usage: <source patch> <target directory> <path to ed>

use FileHandle;

sub do_patch {
  my ($ed, $target_file, $patch_file, $fh) = @_;
  # these keep winding up read only for me
  chmod 0666, $target_file;
  print $fh "w\n";
  print "$ed -s $target_file < $patch_file\n";
  system "$ed -s $target_file < $patch_file\n";

my $header_done = 0;
my ($target_file,$patch_file) = ('','');
my $source_patch = $ARGV[0];
my $srcdir = $ARGV[1];
my $ed = $ARGV[2];
$srcdir = "$srcdir/" unless $srcdir =~ m|/$|;
my $pfh = new FileHandle($source_patch, 'r');
while(<$pfh>) {
  # skip initial comment header
  next if !$header_done && /^#/;
  $header_done = 1;

  next if /^Only in/;
  if (/^diff -re (\S+)/) {
    my $new_file = $1;
    $new_file =~ s|^crt/src/||;
    $new_file = "$srcdir$new_file";
    my $new_patch_file = "$new_file.patch";

    if ($target_file ne '') {
      do_patch $ed, $target_file, $patch_file, $fh;
    $target_file = $new_file;
    $patch_file = $new_patch_file;
    $fh = new FileHandle($patch_file, 'w');

  print $fh $_ if $fh;

do_patch $ed, $target_file, $patch_file, $fh;