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#ifndef nsUpdateDriver_h__
#define nsUpdateDriver_h__

#include "nscore.h"

class nsIFile;

 * This function processes any available updates.  As part of that process, it
 * may exit the current process and relaunch it at a later time.
 * Two directories are passed to this function: greDir (where the actual
 * binary resides) and appDir (which contains application.ini for XULRunner
 * apps). If this is not a XULRunner app then appDir is identical to greDir.
 * The argc and argv passed to this function should be what is needed to
 * relaunch the current process.
 * The appVersion param passed to this function is the current application's
 * version and is used to determine if an update's version is older than the
 * current application version.
 * This function does not modify appDir.
NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) ProcessUpdates(nsIFile *greDir, nsIFile *appDir,
                                    nsIFile *updRootDir,
                                    int argc, char **argv,
                                    const char *&appVersion);

#endif  // nsUpdateDriver_h__