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Bug 631659 - Push Firebug Test Runner to m-c. Patch 2.3. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIDOMWindowInternal;
interface nsIVariant;
interface amIInstallCallback;
interface nsIURI;

 * This interface is used to allow webpages to start installing add-ons.
[scriptable, uuid(4fdf4f84-73dc-4857-9bbe-84895e8afd5d)]
interface amIWebInstaller : nsISupports
   * Checks if installation is enabled for a webpage.
   * @param  aMimetype
   *         The mimetype for the add-on to be installed
   * @param  referer
   *         The URL of the webpage trying to install an add-on
   * @return true if installation is enabled
  boolean isInstallEnabled(in AString aMimetype, in nsIURI aReferer);

   * Installs an array of add-ons at the request of a webpage
   * @param  aMimetype
   *         The mimetype for the add-ons
   * @param  aWindow
   *         The window installing the add-ons
   * @param  aReferer
   *         The URI for the webpage installing the add-ons
   * @param  aUris
   *         The URIs of add-ons to be installed
   * @param  aHashes
   *         The hashes for the add-ons to be installed
   * @param  aNames
   *         The names for the add-ons to be installed
   * @param  aIcons
   *         The icons for the add-ons to be installed
   * @param  aCallback
   *         An optional callback to notify about installation success and
   *         failure
   * @param  aInstallCount
   *         An optional argument including the number of add-ons to install
   * @return true if the installation was successfully started
  boolean installAddonsFromWebpage(in AString aMimetype,
                                   in nsIDOMWindowInternal aWindow,
                                   in nsIURI aReferer,
                                   [array, size_is(aInstallCount)] in wstring aUris,
                                   [array, size_is(aInstallCount)] in wstring aHashes,
                                   [array, size_is(aInstallCount)] in wstring aNames,
                                   [array, size_is(aInstallCount)] in wstring aIcons,
                                   [optional] in amIInstallCallback aCallback,
                                   [optional] in PRUint32 aInstallCount);