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Use char16_t when available, and when it is, don't test for -fshort-wchar. (Bug 502298) r=bsmedberg

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIWebNavigation;

 * The nsIWebNavigationInfo interface exposes a way to get information
 * on the capabilities of Gecko webnavigation objects.
 * @status UNDER_REVIEW
[scriptable, uuid(62a93afb-93a1-465c-84c8-0432264229de)]
interface nsIWebNavigationInfo : nsISupports
   * Returned by isTypeSupported to indicate lack of support for a type.
   * @note this is guaranteed not to change, so that boolean tests can be done
   * on the return value if isTypeSupported to detect whether a type is
   * supported at all.
  const unsigned long UNSUPPORTED = 0;

   * Returned by isTypeSupported to indicate that a type is supported as an
   * image.
  const unsigned long IMAGE = 1;

   * Returned by isTypeSupported to indicate that a type is supported via an
   * NPAPI ("Netscape 4 API") plug-in.  This is not the value returned for
   * "XPCOM plug-ins".
  const unsigned long PLUGIN = 2;

   * @note Other return types may be added here in the future as they become
   * relevant.
   * Returned by isTypeSupported to indicate that a type is supported via some
   * other means.
  const unsigned long OTHER = 1 << 15;

   * Query whether aType is supported.
   * @param aType the MIME type in question.
   * @param aWebNav the nsIWebNavigation object for which the request
   *        is being made.  This is allowed to be null.  If it is non-null,
   *        the return value of this method may depend on the exact state of
   *        aWebNav and the values set through nsIWebBrowserSetup; otherwise
   *        the method will assume that the caller is interested in information
   *        about nsIWebNavigation objects in their default state.
   * @return an enum value indicating whether and how aType is supported.
   * @note This method may rescan plugins to ensure that they're properly
   *       registered for the types they support.
  unsigned long isTypeSupported(in ACString aType, in nsIWebNavigation aWebNav);