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Bug 1091118 - Part 2: Do not use the top-level cache file for freetype2 subconfigure. r=gps, a=lmandel We modify the environment before running freetype2 configure. When it uses the same cache file, it stores knowledge about that environment in the cache file. The cache file is then reused to configure in js/src, with yet again a different environment, which makes clear the cache because of the differences. The configure in js/src is however invoked with the same environment as the main configure was invoked with (mostly), so without freetype2 on the way, reusing the cache for it works as expected. In fact, it works better with the cache because of things coming from mozconfig that are not exported. With freetype2 on the way, as mentioned above, the cache is cleared. Without the cache, js/src/configure does new detections with a possibly different environment, and stores that in the cache. Until the next build, which then uses that different cache for the top-level configure. This results in subtle differences in the HOST_CC/HOST_CXX variables on android builds because those variables are not exported from mozconfig, depending on PATH, what the builder was building before, and if the build is a clobber. Avoiding the freetype2 subconfigure writing its environment variables change to the top-level cache makes the cache never invalidate for js/src.

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