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Bug 600580 - TM: set right compartment in _newJSDContext r=gregor

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#include "RenderFrameChild.h"
#include "mozilla/layers/ShadowLayersChild.h"

using mozilla::layers::PLayersChild;
using mozilla::layers::ShadowLayersChild;

namespace mozilla {
namespace layout {

  size_t numChildren = ManagedPLayersChild().Length();
  NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE(0 == numChildren || 1 == numChildren,
                    "render frame must only have 0 or 1 layer forwarder");

  if (numChildren) {
    ShadowLayersChild* layers =
    // |layers| was just deleted, take care

  // WARNING: |this| is dead, hands off

  return new ShadowLayersChild();

RenderFrameChild::DeallocPLayers(PLayersChild* aLayers)
  delete aLayers;
  return true;

}  // namespace layout
}  // namespace mozilla