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Remove debug printfs (no bug).

The CVS  archive doesn't  contain pre-built configuration  scripts for
UNIXish platforms.  To generate them say


which in turn depends on the following packages:

  automake (1.10.1)
  libtool (2.2.4)
  autoconf (2.62)

The versions given  in parentheses are known to  work.  Newer versions
should work too, of course.   Note that also sets up proper
file permissions for the `configure' and auxiliary scripts.

A very common problem is that this script complains that the `aclocal'
program doesn't accept a `--force' option:

  generating `'
  running `aclocal -I . --force'
  aclocal: unrecognized option -- `--force'
  Try `aclocal --help' for more information.
  error while running `aclocal -I . --force'

This  means that  your version  of the  automake package  is  too old.
Please update it before trying to build FreeType.

For static builds which  don't use platform specific optimizations, no
configure script is necessary at all; saying

  make setup ansi

should work on all platforms which have GNU make (or makepp).


Copyright 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 by
David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, and Werner Lemberg.

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license,  LICENSE.TXT.  By  continuing to  use, modify,  or distribute
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and accept it fully.

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