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Bug 661991 - dynamically load entry point to SHCreateItemFromParsingName and share this with jump list code. r=ehsan.

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#include "nsIAtom.h"
#include "CParserContext.h"
#include "nsToken.h"
#include "prenv.h"  
#include "nsIHTMLContentSink.h"
#include "nsHTMLTokenizer.h"
#include "nsMimeTypes.h"

CParserContext::CParserContext(CParserContext* aPrevContext,
                               nsScanner* aScanner, 
                               void *aKey, 
                               eParserCommands aCommand,
                               nsIRequestObserver* aListener, 
                               eAutoDetectResult aStatus, 
                               bool aCopyUnused)
  : mListener(aListener),

  // It's ok to simply ingore the PrevContext.

CParserContext::SetMimeType(const nsACString& aMimeType)

  mDocType = ePlainText;

  if (mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(TEXT_HTML))
    mDocType = eHTML_Strict;
  else if (mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(TEXT_XML)              ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(APPLICATION_XML)       ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(APPLICATION_XHTML_XML) ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(TEXT_XUL)              ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(IMAGE_SVG_XML)         ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(APPLICATION_MATHML_XML) ||
           mMimeType.EqualsLiteral(APPLICATION_RDF_XML)   ||
    mDocType = eXML;

CParserContext::GetTokenizer(nsIDTD* aDTD,
                             nsIContentSink* aSink,
                             nsITokenizer*& aTokenizer)
  nsresult result = NS_OK;
  PRInt32 type = aDTD ? aDTD->GetType() : NS_IPARSER_FLAG_HTML;

  if (!mTokenizer) {
    if (type == NS_IPARSER_FLAG_HTML || mParserCommand == eViewSource) {
      nsCOMPtr<nsIHTMLContentSink> theSink = do_QueryInterface(aSink);
      mTokenizer = new nsHTMLTokenizer(mDTDMode, mDocType, mParserCommand,
      if (!mTokenizer) {
        return NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY;

      // Make sure the new tokenizer has all of the necessary information.
      // XXX this might not be necessary.
      if (mPrevContext) {
    else if (type == NS_IPARSER_FLAG_XML) {
      mTokenizer = do_QueryInterface(aDTD, &result);

  aTokenizer = mTokenizer;

  return result;