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Bug 821141 - Target is firing a navigation event when an anchor is clicked r=paul

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this file,
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#ifndef mozilla_imagelib_DiscardTracker_h_
#define mozilla_imagelib_DiscardTracker_h_

#include "mozilla/LinkedList.h"
#include "mozilla/TimeStamp.h"

class nsITimer;

namespace mozilla {
namespace image {

class RasterImage;

 * This static class maintains a linked list of RasterImage objects which are
 * eligible for discarding.
 * When Reset() is called, the node is removed from its position in the list
 * (if it was there before) and appended to the beginnings of the list.
 * Periodically (on a timer and when we notice that we're using more memory
 * than we'd like for decoded images), we go through the list and discard
 * decoded data from images at the end of the list.
class DiscardTracker
     * The DiscardTracker keeps a linked list of Node objects.  Each object
     * points to a RasterImage and contains a timestamp indicating when the
     * node was inserted into the tracker.
     * This structure is embedded within each RasterImage object, and we do
     * |mDiscardTrackerNode.img = this| on RasterImage construction.  Thus, a
     * RasterImage must always call DiscardTracker::Remove() in its destructor
     * to avoid having the tracker point to bogus memory.
    struct Node : public LinkedListElement<Node>
      RasterImage *img;
      TimeStamp timestamp;

     * Add an image to the front of the tracker's list, or move it to the front
     * if it's already in the list.  This function is main thread only.
    static nsresult Reset(struct Node* node);

     * Remove a node from the tracker; do nothing if the node is currently
     * untracked.  This function is main thread only.
    static void Remove(struct Node* node);

     * Initializes the discard tracker.  This function is main thread only.
    static nsresult Initialize();

     * Shut the discard tracker down.  This should be called on XPCOM shutdown
     * so we destroy the discard timer's nsITimer.  This function is main thread
     * only.
    static void Shutdown();

     * Discard the decoded image data for all images tracked by the discard
     * tracker.  This function is main thread only.
    static void DiscardAll();

     * Inform the discard tracker that we've allocated or deallocated some
     * memory for a decoded image.  We use this to determine when we've
     * allocated too much memory and should discard some images.  This function
     * can be called from any thread and is thread-safe.
    static void InformAllocation(int64_t bytes);

     * This is called when the discard timer fires; it calls into DiscardNow().
    friend int DiscardTimeoutChangedCallback(const char* aPref, void *aClosure);

     * When run, this runnable sets sDiscardRunnablePending to false and calls
     * DiscardNow().
    class DiscardRunnable : public nsRunnable
      NS_IMETHOD Run();

    static void ReloadTimeout();
    static nsresult EnableTimer();
    static void DisableTimer();
    static void MaybeDiscardSoon();
    static void TimerCallback(nsITimer *aTimer, void *aClosure);
    static void DiscardNow();

    static LinkedList<Node> sDiscardableImages;
    static nsCOMPtr<nsITimer> sTimer;
    static bool sInitialized;
    static bool sTimerOn;
    static int32_t sDiscardRunnablePending;
    static int64_t sCurrentDecodedImageBytes;
    static uint32_t sMinDiscardTimeoutMs;
    static uint32_t sMaxDecodedImageKB;
    // Lock for safegarding the 64-bit sCurrentDecodedImageBytes
    static PRLock *sAllocationLock;

} // namespace image
} // namespace mozilla

#endif /* mozilla_imagelib_DiscardTracker_h_ */