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Bug 821141 - Target is firing a navigation event when an anchor is clicked r=paul

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#include "nsIWebBrowserChrome.idl"

 * nsIWebBrowserChrome2 is an extension to nsIWebBrowserChrome.
[scriptable, uuid(2585a7b1-7b47-43c4-bf17-c6bf84e09b7b)]
interface nsIWebBrowserChrome2 : nsIWebBrowserChrome
   * Called when the status text in the chrome needs to be updated.  This
   * method may be called instead of nsIWebBrowserChrome::SetStatus.  An
   * implementor of this method, should still implement SetStatus.
   * @param statusType
   *        Indicates what is setting the text.
   * @param status
   *        Status string.  Null is an acceptable value meaning no status.
   * @param contextNode 
   *        An object that provides context pertaining to the status type.
   *        If statusType is STATUS_LINK, then statusContext may be a DOM
   *        node corresponding to the source of the link.  This value can
   *        be null if there is no context.
  void setStatusWithContext(in unsigned long statusType,
                            in AString statusText,
                            in nsISupports statusContext);