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#include "nsMathMLmsqrtFrame.h"

// <msqrt> -- form a radical - implementation

//  The code assumes that TeX fonts are picked.
//  There is no fall-back to draw the branches of the sqrt explicitly
//  in the case where TeX fonts are not there. In general, there are no
//  fall-back(s) in MathML when some (freely-downloadable) fonts are missing.
//  Otherwise, this will add much work and unnecessary complexity to the core
//  MathML  engine. Assuming that authors have the free fonts is part of the
//  deal. We are not responsible for cases of misconfigurations out there.

NS_NewMathMLmsqrtFrame(nsIPresShell* aPresShell, nsStyleContext* aContext)
  return new (aPresShell) nsMathMLmsqrtFrame(aContext);


nsMathMLmsqrtFrame::nsMathMLmsqrtFrame(nsStyleContext* aContext) :


nsMathMLmsqrtFrame::Init(nsIContent*      aContent,
                         nsIFrame*        aParent,
                         nsIFrame*        aPrevInFlow)
  nsresult rv = nsMathMLContainerFrame::Init(aContent, aParent, aPrevInFlow);
  mNotationsToDraw |= NOTATION_RADICAL;

  return rv;

nsMathMLmsqrtFrame::AttributeChanged(PRInt32         aNameSpaceID,
                                     nsIAtom*        aAttribute,
                                     PRInt32         aModType)
  return nsMathMLContainerFrame::
    AttributeChanged(aNameSpaceID, aAttribute, aModType);