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[dfb,422221] Gtk/DirectFB misc build stuff

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#ifndef nsEventQueue_h__
#define nsEventQueue_h__

#include <stdlib.h>
#include "prmon.h"
#include "nsIRunnable.h"

// A threadsafe FIFO event queue...
class NS_COM nsEventQueue

  // Returns "true" if the event queue has been completely constructed.
  PRBool IsInitialized() { return mMonitor != nsnull; }

  // This method adds a new event to the pending event queue.  The event object
  // is AddRef'd if this method succeeds.  This method returns PR_TRUE if the
  // event was stored in the event queue, and it returns PR_FALSE if it could
  // not allocate sufficient memory.
  PRBool PutEvent(nsIRunnable *event);

  // This method gets an event from the event queue.  If mayWait is true, then
  // the method will block the calling thread until an event is available.  If
  // the event is null, then the method returns immediately indicating whether
  // or not an event is pending.  When the resulting event is non-null, the
  // caller is responsible for releasing the event object.  This method does
  // not alter the reference count of the resulting event.
  PRBool GetEvent(PRBool mayWait, nsIRunnable **event);

  // This method returns true if there is a pending event.
  PRBool HasPendingEvent() {
    return GetEvent(PR_FALSE, nsnull);

  // This method returns the next pending event or null.
  PRBool GetPendingEvent(nsIRunnable **runnable) {
    return GetEvent(PR_FALSE, runnable);

  // This method waits for and returns the next pending event.
  PRBool WaitPendingEvent(nsIRunnable **runnable) {
    return GetEvent(PR_TRUE, runnable);

  // Expose the event queue's monitor for "power users"
  PRMonitor *Monitor() {
    return mMonitor;


  PRBool IsEmpty() {
    return !mHead || (mHead == mTail && mOffsetHead == mOffsetTail);

  enum { EVENTS_PER_PAGE = 250 };

  // Page objects are linked together to form a simple deque.

  struct Page; friend struct Page; // VC6!
  struct Page {
    struct Page *mNext;
    nsIRunnable *mEvents[EVENTS_PER_PAGE];

  static Page *NewPage() {
    return static_cast<Page *>(calloc(1, sizeof(Page)));

  static void FreePage(Page *p) {

  PRMonitor *mMonitor;

  Page *mHead;
  Page *mTail;

  PRUint16 mOffsetHead;  // offset into mHead where next item is removed
  PRUint16 mOffsetTail;  // offset into mTail where next item is added

#endif  // nsEventQueue_h__