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Bug 620931 part 3 - Allow GRE and XUL application to use omni.jar independently. r=bsmedberg,r=mwu We now store two independent locations for an omni.jar, allowing GRE/XRE and XUL application to each have their own omni.jar. And since xulrunner setups are very independent from the XUL applications, we implement support for both omni.jar and non omni.jar cases in the same runtime, with the side effect of allowing to switch from one to the other manually without rebuilding the binaries. We let the mozilla::Omnijar API handle both cases, so that callers don't need too much work to support them. We also make the preferences service load the same set of preferences in all the various cases (unified vs. separate, omni.jar vs. no omni.jar). The child process launcher for IPC is modified to pass the base directories needed for the mozilla::Omnijar API initialization in the child process. Finally, the startupcache file name canonicalization is modified to separate APP and GRE resources.

# This section contains arguments to be read by the firebug test runner
server =

# This section maps firefox versions to firebug versions.
# The default value is used for any firefox version not specified here.
3.6 = 1.6
4.0 = 1.7
4.0b = 1.7
default = 1.7

# This section allows disabling tests.
# Use 'test_name' = 'comma separated list of Firefox versions to disable the test against'
# See the Firebug test console for a full list of tests.
# Example
# firebug/testName.js = 3.6,4.0b