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Bug 652475 - Add media.volume_scale pref to scale output volume without changing reported volume. r=roc

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#include "nsIChannel.idl"

 * A channel to  manage all cache-related interactions for layout
 * when it is dealing with dynamic pages created through 
 * document.write(). This interface provides methods that will
 * help layout save dynamic pages in cache for future retrievals.

[scriptable, uuid (89b0674a-9e2f-4124-9b59-481444be841d)]
interface nsIWyciwygChannel : nsIChannel
   * Append data to the cache entry; opens the cache entry if necessary.
  void writeToCacheEntry(in AString aData);

   * Close the cache entry; subsequent writes have undefined behavior.
  void closeCacheEntry(in nsresult reason);

   * Set the wyciwyg channels security info
  void setSecurityInfo(in nsISupports aSecurityInfo);

   * Store and read a charset and charset source on the wyciwyg channel.  These
   * are opaque values to the channel; consumers who set them should know what
   * they mean.
  void setCharsetAndSource(in long aSource, in ACString aCharset);
   * The return value is the charset.  Throws if either the charset or the
   * source cannot be retrieved.  This is guaranteed to return a nonzero source
   * and a nonempty charset if it does not throw.
  ACString getCharsetAndSource(out long aSource);