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Bug 717498 - Clear nsThread::mEventObservers at thread shutdown. r=bsmedberg

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DEPTH		= ../../../..
topsrcdir	= @top_srcdir@
srcdir		= @srcdir@
VPATH		= @srcdir@

DISTROEXT = $(call core_abspath,$(DIST))/bin/distribution/extensions

include $(DEPTH)/config/

DIRS = {972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}

include $(topsrcdir)/config/

ifneq (,$(filter aurora beta,$(MOZ_UPDATE_CHANNEL)))

$(NSINSTALL) -D $(dir) && \
  $(PYTHON) $(MOZILLA_DIR)/config/ $(DEFINES) $(ACDEFINES) $(srcdir)/$(dir)/ > $(dir)/install.rdf && \
  cd $(dir) && \
  $(ZIP) -r9XD $(DISTROEXT)/$(dir).xpi install.rdf && \
  cd $(call core_abspath,$(srcdir)/$(dir)) && \
  $(ZIP) -r9XD $(DISTROEXT)/$(dir).xpi * -x

endef # do not remove the blank line!