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Bug 88831 Support new IME API "Text Services Framework" from Office XP and Windows XP r=masayuki+peterv, sr=roc

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#include "gfxBeOSPlatform.h"
#include "gfxFontconfigUtils.h"
#include "gfxPangoFonts.h"

#include "gfxImageSurface.h"
#include "gfxBeOSSurface.h"

#include "nsTArray.h"

gfxFontconfigUtils *gfxPlatformGtk::sFontconfigUtils = nsnull;

    if (!sFontconfigUtils)
        sFontconfigUtils = gfxFontconfigUtils::GetFontconfigUtils();

    sFontconfigUtils = nsnull;


#if 0
    // It would be nice to do this (although it might need to be after
    // the cairo shutdown that happens in ~gfxPlatform).  It even looks
    // idempotent.  But it has fatal assertions that fire if stuff is
    // leaked, and we hit them.

gfxBeOSPlatform::CreateOffscreenSurface (PRUint32 width,
                                         PRUint32 height,
                                         gfxASurface::gfxImageFormat imageFormat)
    gfxASurface *newSurface = nsnull;

    if (imageFormat == gfxASurface::ImageFormatA1 ||
        imageFormat == gfxASurface::ImageFormatA8) {
        newSurface = new gfxImageSurface(imageFormat, width, height);
    } else {
        newSurface = new gfxBeOSSurface(width, height,
                                        imageFormat == gfxASurface::ImageFormatARGB32 ? B_RGBA32 : B_RGB32);

    return newSurface;

gfxBeOSPlatform::GetFontList(const nsACString& aLangGroup,
                             const nsACString& aGenericFamily,
                             nsTArray<nsString>& aListOfFonts)
    return sFontconfigUtils->GetFontList(aLangGroup, aGenericFamily,

    return sFontconfigUtils->UpdateFontList();

gfxBeOSPlatform::ResolveFontName(const nsAString& aFontName,
                                FontResolverCallback aCallback,
                                void *aClosure,
                                PRBool& aAborted)
    return sFontconfigUtils->ResolveFontName(aFontName, aCallback,
                                             aClosure, aAborted);

gfxBeOSPlatform::GetStandardFamilyName(const nsAString& aFontName, nsAString& aFamilyName)
    return sFontconfigUtils->GetStandardFamilyName(aFontName, aFamilyName);