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Bug 587614. Remove use of MOZ_NO_INSPECTOR_APIS. r=roc,a=NPOTB

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#include "mozilla/ModuleUtils.h"
#include "nsNetUtil.h"
#include "nsDirectoryViewer.h"
#ifdef MOZ_RDF
#include "rdf.h"
#include "nsRDFCID.h"
#include "nsCURILoader.h"

#ifdef MOZ_RDF
// Factory constructors

#ifdef MOZ_RDF

static const mozilla::Module::CIDEntry kXPFECIDs[] = {
    { &kNS_DIRECTORYVIEWERFACTORY_CID, false, NULL, nsDirectoryViewerFactoryConstructor },
#ifdef MOZ_RDF
    { &kNS_HTTPINDEX_SERVICE_CID, false, NULL, nsHTTPIndexConstructor },
    { NULL }

static const mozilla::Module::ContractIDEntry kXPFEContracts[] = {
    { "@mozilla.org/xpfe/http-index-format-factory-constructor", &kNS_DIRECTORYVIEWERFACTORY_CID },
#ifdef MOZ_RDF
    { NULL }

static const mozilla::Module::CategoryEntry kXPFECategories[] = {
    { "Gecko-Content-Viewers", "application/http-index-format", "@mozilla.org/xpfe/http-index-format-factory-constructor" },
    { NULL }

static const mozilla::Module kXPFEModule = {

NSMODULE_DEFN(application) = &kXPFEModule;