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#include "nsISupports.idl"

 * Provides information about the XUL runtime.
 * @status UNSTABLE - This interface is not frozen and will probably change in
 *                    future releases. If you need this functionality to be
 *                    stable/frozen, please contact Benjamin Smedberg.

[scriptable, uuid(7685dac8-3637-4660-a544-928c5ec0e714)]
interface nsIXULRuntime : nsISupports
   * Whether the application was launched in safe mode.
  readonly attribute boolean inSafeMode;

   * Whether to write console errors to a log file. If a component
   * encounters startup errors that might prevent the app from showing
   * proper UI, it should set this flag to "true".
  attribute boolean logConsoleErrors;

   * A string tag identifying the current operating system. This is taken
   * from the OS_TARGET configure variable. It will always be available.
  readonly attribute AUTF8String OS;

   * A string tag identifying the binary ABI of the current processor and
   * compiler vtable. This is taken from the TARGET_XPCOM_ABI configure
   * variable. It may not be available on all platforms, especially
   * unusual processor or compiler combinations.
   * The result takes the form <processor>-<compilerABI>, for example:
   *   x86-msvc
   *   ppc-gcc3
   * This value should almost always be used in combination with "OS".
   * @throw NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if not available.
  readonly attribute AUTF8String XPCOMABI;

   * A string tag identifying the target widget toolkit in use.
   * This is taken from the MOZ_WIDGET_TOOLKIT configure variable.
  readonly attribute AUTF8String widgetToolkit;

   * The legal values of processType.
  const unsigned long PROCESS_TYPE_DEFAULT = 0;
  const unsigned long PROCESS_TYPE_PLUGIN = 1;
  const unsigned long PROCESS_TYPE_CONTENT = 2;
  const unsigned long PROCESS_TYPE_JETPACK = 3;
  const unsigned long PROCESS_TYPE_IPDLUNITTEST = 4;

   * The type of the caller's process.  Returns one of the values above.
  readonly attribute unsigned long processType;

   * Signal the apprunner to invalidate caches on the next restart.
   * This will cause components to be autoregistered and all
   * fastload data to be re-created.
  void invalidateCachesOnRestart();

   * Starts a child process. This method is intented to pre-start a
   * content child process so that when it is actually needed, it is
   * ready to go.
   * @throw NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE if not available.
  void ensureContentProcess();