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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

# Redefine this to something that makes sense for you.

ifdef DEBUG
CFLAGS=-g -Wall

CFLAGS += -pg -g
CXXFLAGS += -pg -g

	addrs2text	\
	garope		\
	grope		\
	histogram	\
	mapaddrs	\
	rseed		\
	test		\

all: $(TARGETS) mcount.c
	$(CC) -shared $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $< cygprof.c
	$(CC) -shared $(CFLAGS) -o $@ $<

addrs2text: addrs2text.o

garope: garope.cpp elf_symbol_table.o elf_utils.o
grope: grope.cpp elf_symbol_table.o elf_utils.o
histogram: histogram.cpp elf_symbol_table.o elf_utils.o
mapaddrs: mapaddrs.cpp elf_symbol_table.o elf_utils.o
rseed: rseed.c
elf_symbol_table.o: elf_symbol_table.cpp elf_symbol_table.h elf_utils.h interval_map.h
elf_utils.o: elf_utils.cpp elf_utils.h

# Build these with -pg so we get profiling info
TEST_CFLAGS=-ffunction-sections -finstrument-functions -O2

test: test.o mult.o test.ldscript
	$(CXX) -Wl,-T,test.ldscript -O2 -o $@ $^

test.ldscript: test.order $(MKLINKSCRIPT)
	perl $(MKLINKSCRIPT) -o $@ $<

# This should really be generated by one of the fine tools, above. If
# it hasn't been, create an empty ordering file.
	touch $@

mult.o: mult.c
	$(CC) $(TEST_CFLAGS) -c -o $@ $<

test.o: test.cpp
	$(CXX) $(TEST_CFLAGS) -c -o $@ $<

	rm -f $(TARGETS) test.ldscript *.o *~ core