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Bug 584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces with [deprecated]; r=smaug a=jst

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#include "nsDocAccessibleWrap.h"

#import "mozAccessibleWrapper.h"

  nsDocAccessibleWrap(nsIDocument *aDocument, nsIContent *aRootContent,
                      nsIWeakReference *aShell) :
  nsDocAccessible(aDocument, aRootContent, aShell)


nsDocAccessibleWrap::Init () 
  if (!nsDocAccessible::Init())
    return PR_FALSE;

  NS_ASSERTION(!mNativeWrapper, "nsDocAccessibleWrap::Init() called more than once!");

  if (!mNativeWrapper) {
    // Create our native object using the class type specified in GetNativeType().
    mNativeWrapper = new AccessibleWrapper (this, GetNativeType());
    if (!mNativeWrapper)
      return PR_FALSE;

  return PR_TRUE;