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Bug 641770. Ensure that the cliprect for a layer is interpreted in the coordinate system of its container in MarkLeafLayersCoveredByOpaque. r=bas

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#ifndef nsDeleteDir_h__
#define nsDeleteDir_h__

#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsIFile;

 * This routine attempts to delete a directory that may contain some files that
 * are still in use.  This later point is only an issue on Windows and a few
 * other systems.
 * If the moveToTrash parameter is true, then the process for deleting the
 * directory creates a sibling directory of the same name with the ".Trash"
 * suffix.  It then attempts to move the given directory into the corresponding
 * trash folder (moving individual files if necessary).  Next, it proceeds to
 * delete each file in the trash folder on a low-priority background thread.
 * If the moveToTrash parameter is false, then the given directory is deleted
 * directly.
 * If the sync flag is true, then the delete operation runs to completion
 * before this function returns.  Otherwise, deletion occurs asynchronously.
NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) DeleteDir(nsIFile *dir, PRBool moveToTrash, PRBool sync);

 * This routine returns the trash directory corresponding to the given 
 * directory.
NS_HIDDEN_(nsresult) GetTrashDir(nsIFile *dir, nsCOMPtr<nsIFile> *result);

#endif  // nsDeleteDir_h__