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Bug 552822 - IPC remoting of geolocation prompt. r=olli/r=jdm

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;
interface nsIDOMWindow;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIDOMGeoPosition;
interface nsIGeolocationPrompt;

 * Interface allows access to a geolocation and is passed to
 * the nsIGeolocationPrompt so that the application can approve
 * or deny the request.
[scriptable, function, uuid(F2AEFDE1-8E38-48B3-BBB8-BD6C4AE1AC8A)]
interface nsIGeolocationRequest : nsISupports {

  readonly attribute nsIURI requestingURI;
  readonly attribute nsIDOMWindow requestingWindow;

  readonly attribute nsIDOMElement requestingElement;

  void cancel();
  void allow();

 * Interface provides a way for the application to handle
 * the UI prompts associated with geo position.
[scriptable, function, uuid(2300C895-1BEE-4297-912C-A57082F3E936)]
interface nsIGeolocationPrompt : nsISupports {
   * Called when a request has been made to access geolocation data
  void prompt(in nsIGeolocationRequest request);

 * Interface provides a way for a geolocation provider to
 * notify the system that a new location is available.
[scriptable, uuid(B89D7227-9F04-4236-A582-25A3F2779D72)]
interface nsIGeolocationUpdate : nsISupports {

   * Notify the geolocation service that a new geolocation
   * has been discovered.
   * This must be called on the main thread
  void update(in nsIDOMGeoPosition position);

 * Interface provides location information to the nsGeolocator
 * via the nsIDOMGeolocationCallback interface.  After
 * startup is called, any geo location change should call
 * callback.update().
[scriptable, uuid(701413ED-0F51-64F7-71C7-4369D8E07D6E)]
interface nsIGeolocationProvider : nsISupports {

   * Start up the provider.  This is called before any other
   * method.  may be called multiple times.
  void startup();

   * watch
   * When a location change is observed, notify the callback
  void watch(in nsIGeolocationUpdate callback);

   * shutdown
   * Shuts down the location device.
  void shutdown();

    This must be implemented by geolocation providers.  It
    must support nsIGeolocationProvider.

    This must be implemented by embedders.  It must support