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Bug 413909 - nsCertOverrideService IDN handling is broken; tests; r=kaie

<IMG src="resource:/res/samples/raptor.jpg" STYLE="float: left;">
<IMG src="resource:/res/samples/raptor.jpg" STYLE="float: right; height: 100px;">
This text should appear between a left justified and right justified image of a raptor.<BR clear="all">
Resize the window such that this paragraph is located between the two images.  Then 
use the form below to change the "clear" attribute of the BR tag that adds a line break
between this para and the previous one.  Clearing to left should position this para below
the big raptor.  Clearing to the right or clearing all should position this para below the 
smaller raptor image.
Set <I>clear</I> to
<SELECT SIZE="1" NAME="clear">
<OPTION VALUE="right">Right</OPTION>
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Change Clear" onClick="changeClear(); return true;">
var br = document.getElementsByTagName("br")[0];
function changeClear() {
   if (document.forms[0].clear.selectedIndex == 0)
      br.clear = "none";
   else if (document.forms[0].clear.selectedIndex == 1)
      br.clear = "left";
   else if (document.forms[0].clear.selectedIndex == 2)
      br.clear = "right";
      br.clear = "all";