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Bug 860029 - Standardize Modelines in the JS Module. r=njn

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% content branding %content/branding/ contentaccessible=yes
  content/branding/about.png                     (about.png)
  content/branding/about-background.png          (about-background.png)
  content/branding/about-logo.png                (about-logo.png)
  content/branding/about-wordmark.png            (about-wordmark.png)
  content/branding/icon48.png                    (icon48.png)
  content/branding/icon64.png                    (icon64.png)
  content/branding/icon16.png                    (../default16.png)
  content/branding/icon32.png                    (../default32.png)
  content/branding/aboutDialog.css               (aboutDialog.css)