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Backed out changeset 83fd85b082d1 (bug 1009679) for crashtest and reftest failures; CLOSED TREE

 * This version of this file is derived from Android 2.3 "Gingerbread",
 * which contains uncredited changes by Android/Google developers.  It has
 * been modified in 2011 for use in the Android build of Mozilla Firefox by
 * Mozilla contributors (including Michael Edwards <m.k.edwards@gmail.com>,
 * and Steve Workman <sjhworkman@gmail.com>).
 * These changes are offered under the same license as the original NetBSD
 * file, whose copyright and license are unchanged above.


#include <netdb.h>

/* this structure contains all the variables that were declared
 * 'static' in the original NetBSD resolver code.
 * this caused vast amounts of crashes and memory corruptions
 * when the resolver was being used by multiple threads.
 * (note: the OpenBSD/FreeBSD resolver has similar 'issues')

#define	MAXALIASES	35
#define	MAXADDRS	35

typedef struct res_static {
    char*           h_addr_ptrs[MAXADDRS + 1];
    char*           host_aliases[MAXALIASES];
    char            hostbuf[8*1024];
    u_int32_t       host_addr[16 / sizeof(u_int32_t)];  /* IPv4 or IPv6 */
    FILE*           hostf;
    int             stayopen;
    const char*     servent_ptr;
    struct servent  servent;
    struct hostent  host;
} *res_static;

extern res_static __res_get_static(void);

#endif /* _RESOLV_STATIC_H */