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Fix for bug 818219 (Replace HTMLElement quickstubs with new binding methods) - Add a constructor to callbacks to allow conversion between callback types. r=bz.

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 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIURI;

[scriptable, uuid(249fb5ad-ae29-4e2c-a728-ba5cf464d188)]
interface nsIChromeRegistry : nsISupports
  const int32_t NONE = 0;
  const int32_t PARTIAL = 1;
  const int32_t FULL = 2;

   * Resolve a chrome URL to an loadable URI using the information in the
   * registry. Does not modify aChromeURL.
   * Chrome URLs are allowed to be specified in "shorthand", leaving the
   * "file" portion off. In that case, the URL is expanded to:
   *   chrome://package/provider/package.ext
   * where "ext" is:
   *   "xul" for a "content" package,
   *   "css" for a "skin" package, and
   *   "dtd" for a "locale" package.
   * @param aChromeURL the URL that is to be converted.
  nsIURI convertChromeURL(in nsIURI aChromeURL);

   * refresh the chrome list at runtime, looking for new packages/etc
  void checkForNewChrome();

   * returns whether XPCNativeWrappers are enabled for aURI.
  [notxpcom] boolean wrappersEnabled(in nsIURI aURI);

[scriptable, uuid(c2461347-2b8f-48c7-9d59-3a61fb868828)]
interface nsIXULChromeRegistry : nsIChromeRegistry
  /* Should be called when locales change to reload all chrome (including XUL). */
  void reloadChrome();
  ACString getSelectedLocale(in ACString packageName);
  // Get the direction of the locale via the intl.uidirection.<locale> pref
  boolean isLocaleRTL(in ACString package);

  /* Should be called when skins change. Reloads only stylesheets. */
  void refreshSkins();

   * Installable skin XBL is not always granted the same privileges as other
   * chrome. This asks the chrome registry whether scripts are allowed to be
   * run for a particular chrome URI. Do not pass non-chrome URIs to this
   * method.
  boolean allowScriptsForPackage(in nsIURI url);

   * Content should only be allowed to load chrome JS from certain packages.
   * This method reflects the contentaccessible flag on packages.
   * Do not pass non-chrome URIs to this method.
  boolean allowContentToAccess(in nsIURI url);

%{ C++


 * Chrome registry will notify various caches that all chrome files need
 * flushing.

 * Chrome registry will notify various caches that skin files need flushing.
 * If "chrome-flush-caches" is notified, this topic will *not* be notified.