author Ryan VanderMeulen <>
Wed, 11 Jun 2014 13:55:44 -0400
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Backed out changeset ec353cd772b1 (bug 989583) for B2G emulator mochitest mass-fail.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
import argparse
import os
import re
import shutil
import sys
import subprocess
from pprint import pprint
from StringIO import StringIO


mk_files = [

extensions = ['.asm', '.c', '.h']

    'X86_ASM': [
    'X86-64_ASM': [
    'ARM_ASM': [
    'AVX2': [
    'VP8_POSTPROC': [
    'VP9_POSTPROC': [


    # mips files are also ignored via ignored_folders

libvpx_files = [

ignore_files = [

ignore_folders = [
files = {
    'EXPORTS': [
    'X86-64_ASM': [
    'SOURCES': [

manual = [
    # special case in

    # 64bit only

    # offsets are special cased in

    # ignore while vp9 postproc is not enabled

    # ssim_opt is not enabled

    # asm includes

platform_files = [

def prepare_upstream(prefix, commit=None):
    if os.path.exists(prefix):
        print "Please remove '%s' folder before running %s" % (prefix, sys.argv[0])

    upstream_url = ''['git', 'clone', upstream_url, prefix])
    if commit:
        os.chdir(prefix)['git', 'checkout', commit])
        p = subprocess.Popen(['git', 'rev-parse', 'HEAD'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
        stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
        commit = stdout.strip()

    for target in PLATFORMS:
        target_objdir = os.path.join(prefix, 'objdir', target)
        configure = ['../../configure', '--target=%s' % target,
            '--disable-examples', '--disable-install-docs',

        if 'darwin9' in target:
            configure += ['--enable-pic']
        if 'linux' in target:
            configure += ['--enable-pic']
        # x86inc.asm is not compatible with pic 32bit builds
        if target == 'x86-linux-gcc':
            configure += ['--disable-use-x86inc']

        if target == 'armv7-android-gcc':
            configure += ['--sdk-path=%s' % ndk_path]
        make_targets = [f for f in platform_files if not os.path.exists(f)]
        if make_targets:
  ['make'] + make_targets)
        for f in make_targets:
            if not os.path.exists(f):
                print "%s missing from %s, check toolchain" % (f, target)

    return commit

def cleanup_upstream():
    shutil.rmtree(os.path.join(base, 'upstream'))

def get_module(key):
    for module in MODULES:
        if key in MODULES[module]:
            return module

def get_libvpx_files(prefix):
    for root, folders, files in os.walk(prefix):
        for f in files:
            f = os.path.join(root, f)[len(prefix):]
            if os.path.splitext(f)[-1] in extensions \
              and os.sep in f \
              and f not in ignore_files \
              and not any(folder in f for folder in ignore_folders):
    return libvpx_files

def get_sources(prefix):
    source = {}
    unknown = {}
    disabled = {}

    for mk in mk_files:
        with open(os.path.join(prefix, mk)) as f:
            base = os.path.dirname(mk)
            for l in f:
                if '+=' in l:
                    l = l.split('+=')
                    key = l[0].strip()
                    value = l[1].strip().replace('$(ASM)', '.asm')
                    value = os.path.join(base, value)
                    if not key.startswith('#') and os.path.splitext(value)[-1] in extensions:
                        if key not in source:
                            source[key] = []

    for key in source:
        for f in source[key]:
            if key.endswith('EXPORTS') and f.endswith('.h'):
            if os.path.splitext(f)[-1] in ('.c', '.asm') and not f in manual:
                module = get_module(key)
                if module:
                    if not module in files:
                        files[module] = []
                    t = files[module]
                elif key in DISABLED_MODULES:
                    if not key in disabled:
                        disabled[key] = []
                    t = disabled[key]
                    if not key in unknown:
                        unknown[key] = []
                    t = unknown[key]

    files['UNIFIED_SOURCES'] = [f for f in files['UNIFIED_SOURCES'] if f not in files['SOURCES']]

    for key in files:
        files[key] = list(sorted(set(files[key])))

    return source, files, disabled, unknown

def update_sources_mozbuild(files, sources_mozbuild):
    f = StringIO()
    pprint(files, stream=f)
    sources_mozbuild_new = "files = {\n %s\n}\n" % f.getvalue().strip()[1:-1]
    if sources_mozbuild != sources_mozbuild_new:
        print 'updating sources.mozbuild'
        with open('sources.mozbuild', 'w') as f:

def get_current_files():
    current_files = []
    for root, folders, files in os.walk('.'):
        for f in files:
            f = os.path.join(root, f)[len('.%s'%os.sep):]
            if 'upstream%s'%os.sep in f or not os.sep in f:
            if os.path.splitext(f)[-1] in extensions:
    return current_files

def is_new(a, b):
    return not os.path.exists(a) \
        or not os.path.exists(b) \
        or open(a).read() != open(b).read()

def get_sources_mozbuild():
    with open('sources.mozbuild') as f:
        sources_mozbuild =
    return sources_mozbuild, files

def update_and_remove_files(prefix, libvpx_files, files):
    current_files = get_current_files()

    def copy(src, dst):
        print '    ', dst
        shutil.copy(src, dst)

    # Update files
    first = True
    for f in libvpx_files:
        fdir = os.path.dirname(f)
        if fdir and not os.path.exists(fdir):
        s = os.path.join(prefix, f)
        if is_new(f, s):
            if first:
                print "Copy files:"
                first = False
            copy(s, f)

    # Copy configuration files for each platform
    for target in PLATFORMS:
        first = True
        for f in platform_files:
            t = os.path.splitext(f)
            t = '%s_%s%s' % (t[0], target, t[1])
            f = os.path.join(prefix, 'objdir', target, f)
            if is_new(f, t):
                if first:
                    print "Copy files for %s:" % target
                    first = False
                copy(f, t)

    # Copy vpx_version.h from one of the build targets
    s = os.path.join(prefix, 'objdir/x86-linux-gcc/vpx_version.h')
    f = 'vpx_version.h'
    if is_new(s, f):
        copy(s, f)

    # Remove unknown files from tree
    removed_files = [f for f in current_files if f not in libvpx_files]
    if removed_files:
        print "Remove files:"
        for f in removed_files:
            print '    ', f

def apply_patches():
    # Patch to permit vpx users to specify their own <stdint.h> types.
    os.system("patch -p3 < stdint.patch")
    os.system("patch -p3 < unified.patch")
    os.system("patch -p3 < mingw.patch")

def update_readme(commit):
    with open('README_MOZILLA') as f:
        readme =

    if 'The git commit ID used was' in readme:
        new_readme = re.sub('The git commit ID used was [a-f0-9]+',
            'The git commit ID used was %s' % commit, readme)
        new_readme = "%s\n\nThe git commit ID used was %s\n" % (readme, commit)

    if readme != new_readme:
        with open('README_MOZILLA', 'w') as f:

def print_info(source, files, disabled, unknown, moz_build_files):
    for key in moz_build_files:
        if key not in files:
            print key, 'MISSING'
            gone = set(moz_build_files[key]) - set(files[key])
            new = set(files[key]) - set(moz_build_files[key])
            if gone:
                print key, 'GONE:'
                print '    '+ '\n    '.join(gone)
            if new:
                print key, 'NEW:'
                print '    '+ '\n    '.join(new)

    if unknown:
        print "Please update this script, the following modules are unknown"

    if DEBUG:
        print "===== SOURCE"
        print "===== FILES"
        print "===== DISABLED"
        print "===== UNKNOWN"

if __name__ == '__main__':
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='''This script only works on Mac OS X since the OS X Toolchain is not available on other platforms.
In addition you need XCode and the Android NDK installed.
If commit hash is not provided, current git master is used.''')
    parser.add_argument('--debug', dest='debug', action="store_true")
    parser.add_argument('--ndk', dest='ndk', type=str)
    parser.add_argument('--commit', dest='commit', type=str, default=None)

    args = parser.parse_args()

    if sys.platform != 'darwin' or not args.ndk:

    ndk_path = args.ndk
    commit = args.commit
    DEBUG = args.debug

    base = os.path.abspath(os.curdir)
    prefix = os.path.join(base, 'upstream/')

    commit = prepare_upstream(prefix, commit)

    libvpx_files = get_libvpx_files(prefix)
    source, files, disabled, unknown = get_sources(prefix)

    sources_mozbuild, moz_build_files = get_sources_mozbuild()

    print_info(source, files, disabled, unknown, moz_build_files)
    update_sources_mozbuild(files, sources_mozbuild)
    update_and_remove_files(prefix, libvpx_files, files)