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Bug 598229 (part 2) - Increase performance of Win7 JumpList favorites queries. r=sdwilsh,jimm sr=rstrong a=blocking

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface mozIStorageConnection;
interface nsINavHistoryQuery;
interface nsINavHistoryQueryOptions;
interface mozIStorageStatementCallback;
interface mozIStoragePendingStatement;

 * This is a private interface used by Places components to get access to the
 * database.  If outside consumers wish to use this, they should only read from
 * the database so they do not break any internal invariants.
[scriptable, uuid(6eb7ed3d-13ca-450b-b370-15c75e2f3dab)]
interface nsPIPlacesDatabase : nsISupports
   * The database connection used by Places.
  readonly attribute mozIStorageConnection DBConnection;

   * Asynchronously executes the statement created from queries.
   * @see nsINavHistoryService::executeQueries
   * @note THIS IS A TEMPORARY API.  Don't rely on it, since it will be replaced
   *       in future versions by a real async querying API.
   * @note Results obtained from this method differ from results obtained from
   *       executeQueries, because there is additional filtering and sorting
   *       done by the latter.  Thus you should use executeQueries, unless you
   *       are absolutely sure that the returned results are fine for
   *       your use-case.
  mozIStoragePendingStatement asyncExecuteLegacyQueries(
    [array, size_is(aQueryCount)] in nsINavHistoryQuery aQueries,
    in unsigned long aQueryCount,
    in nsINavHistoryQueryOptions aOptions,
    in mozIStorageStatementCallback aCallback);