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#include "nsISupports.idl"

[ptr] native octetPtr(PRUint8);

 * mozIStorageValueArray wraps an array of SQL values,
 * such as a single database row.
[scriptable, uuid(07b5b93e-113c-4150-863c-d247b003a55d)]
interface mozIStorageValueArray : nsISupports {
   * These type values are returned by getTypeOfIndex
   * to indicate what type of value is present at
   * a given column.
  const long VALUE_TYPE_NULL = 0;
  const long VALUE_TYPE_INTEGER = 1;
  const long VALUE_TYPE_FLOAT = 2;
  const long VALUE_TYPE_TEXT = 3;
  const long VALUE_TYPE_BLOB = 4;

   * numEntries
   * number of entries in the array (each corresponding to a column
   * in the database row)
  readonly attribute unsigned long numEntries;

   * Returns the type of the value at the given column index;
  long getTypeOfIndex(in unsigned long aIndex);

   * Obtain a value for the given entry (column) index.
   * Due to SQLite's type conversion rules, any of these are valid
   * for any column regardless of the column's data type.  However,
   * if the specific type matters, getTypeOfIndex should be used
   * first to identify the column type, and then the appropriate
   * get method should be called.
   * If you ask for a string value for a NULL column, you will get an empty
   * string with IsVoid set to distinguish it from an explicitly set empty
   * string.
  long getInt32(in unsigned long aIndex);
  long long getInt64(in unsigned long aIndex);
  double getDouble(in unsigned long aIndex);
  AUTF8String getUTF8String(in unsigned long aIndex);
  AString getString(in unsigned long aIndex);

  // data will be NULL if dataSize = 0
  void getBlob(in unsigned long aIndex, out unsigned long aDataSize, [array,size_is(aDataSize)] out octet aData);
  boolean getIsNull(in unsigned long aIndex);

   * Returns a shared string pointer
  [noscript] void getSharedUTF8String(in unsigned long aIndex, out unsigned long aLength, [shared,retval] out string aResult);
  [noscript] void getSharedString(in unsigned long aIndex, out unsigned long aLength, [shared,retval] out wstring aResult);
  [noscript] void getSharedBlob(in unsigned long aIndex, out unsigned long aLength, [shared,retval] out octetPtr aResult);

   * Getters for native code that return their values as
   * the return type, for convenience and sanity.
   * Not virtual; no vtable bloat.

  inline PRInt32 AsInt32(PRUint32 idx) {
    PRInt32 v;
    GetInt32(idx, &v);
    return v;

  inline PRInt64 AsInt64(PRUint32 idx) {
    PRInt64 v;
    GetInt64(idx, &v);
    return v;

  inline double AsDouble(PRUint32 idx) {
    double v;
    GetDouble(idx, &v);
    return v;

  inline const char* AsSharedUTF8String(PRUint32 idx, PRUint32 *len) {
    const char *str = nsnull;
    GetSharedUTF8String(idx, len, &str);
    return str;

  inline const PRUnichar* AsSharedWString(PRUint32 idx, PRUint32 *len) {
    const PRUnichar *str = nsnull;
    GetSharedString(idx, len, &str);
    return str;

  inline const PRUint8* AsSharedBlob(PRUint32 idx, PRUint32 *len) {
    const PRUint8 *blob = nsnull;
    GetSharedBlob(idx, len, &blob);
    return blob;

  inline PRBool IsNull(PRUint32 idx) {
    PRBool b = PR_FALSE;
    GetIsNull(idx, &b);
    return b;