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Bug 386806 - script pulls from mozilla-central by default (r=luser)

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#ifndef nsDocShellEditorData_h__
#define nsDocShellEditorData_h__

#ifndef nsCOMPtr_h___
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

#ifndef __gen_nsIDocShell_h__
#include "nsIDocShell.h"

#ifndef __gen_nsIEditingSession_h__
#include "nsIEditingSession.h"

#include "nsIEditor.h"

// a non-XPCOM class that is used to store per-docshell editor-related
// data.

class nsDocShellEditorData

              nsDocShellEditorData(nsIDocShell* inOwningDocShell);

              // set a flag to say this frame should be editable when the next url loads
  nsresult    MakeEditable(PRBool inWaitForUriLoad);
  PRBool      GetEditable();
              // actually create the editor for this docShell
  nsresult    CreateEditor();
              // get the editing session. The editing session always lives on the content
              // root docShell; this call may crawl up the frame tree to find it.
  nsresult    GetEditingSession(nsIEditingSession **outEditingSession);
              // get the editor for this docShell. May return null but NS_OK
  nsresult    GetEditor(nsIEditor **outEditor);
              // set the editor on this docShell
  nsresult    SetEditor(nsIEditor *inEditor);


  nsresult    EnsureEditingSession();


  nsIDocShell*                mDocShell;        // the doc shell that owns us. Weak ref, since it always outlives us.  
  nsCOMPtr<nsIEditingSession> mEditingSession;  // only present for the content root docShell. Session is owned here

  PRBool                      mMakeEditable;    // indicates whether to make an editor after a url load
  nsCOMPtr<nsIEditor>         mEditor;          // if this frame is editable, store editor here. Editor is owned here.


#endif // nsDocShellEditorData_h__