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Bug 364035 - "Permit loading external spellcheck engine from libspellcheck" [p=andris.pavenis@iki.fi (pavenis) r=brettw sr=mscott a1.9=damons]

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#ifndef ipcdPrivate_h__
#define ipcdPrivate_h__

class ipcClient;

// upper limit on the number of active connections
// XXX may want to make this more dynamic
#define IPC_MAX_CLIENTS 100

// array of connected clients
extern ipcClient *ipcClients;
extern int        ipcClientCount;

// platform specific send message function, takes ownership of |msg|.
PRStatus IPC_PlatformSendMsg(ipcClient  *client, ipcMessage *msg);

// notify parent that it can connect to the daemon.
void IPC_NotifyParent();

#endif // !ipcdPrivate_h__