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Bug 557060: Interpose _Throw() on MSVC and centralize pseudo-throw code in mozalloc. r=ehsan sr=bsmedberg

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>             // for abort()

#if defined(_WIN32)
#  include <signal.h>           // for raise
#elif defined(XP_UNIX)
#  include <unistd.h>           // for _exit

#if defined(XP_WIN) || (defined(XP_OS2) && defined(__declspec))
#  define MOZALLOC_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)

#include "mozilla/mozalloc_abort.h"

static int gDummyCounter;

mozalloc_abort(const char* const msg)
    fputs(msg, stderr);
    fputs("\n", stderr);

    // XXX/cjones: most of this function was copied from
    // xpcom/base/nsDebugImpl.cpp:Abort(), except that we assume on
    // UNIX-like platforms can directly abort() rather than need to go
    // through PR_Abort(). we don't want this code to rely on NSPR.

    // FIXME/bug 558928: improve implementation for windows/wince

#if defined(_WIN32)
#  if !defined(WINCE)
    //This should exit us
#  endif
    //If we are ignored exit this way..
#elif defined(XP_UNIX) || defined(XP_OS2) || defined(XP_BEOS)
#  warning not attempting to abort() on this platform

    // Still haven't aborted?  Try dereferencing null.
    // (Written this way to lessen the likelihood of it being optimized away.)
    gDummyCounter += *((int*) 0); // TODO annotation saying we know 
    // this is crazy
    // Still haven't aborted?  Try _exit().