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Add some comments for bug 528416

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 * The behavior implemented by gDownloadLastDir is documented here.
 * In normal browsing sessions, gDownloadLastDir uses the
 * preference to store the last used download directory. The first time the user
 * switches into the private browsing mode, the last download directory is
 * preserved to the pref value, but if the user switches to another directory
 * during the private browsing mode, that directory is not stored in the pref,
 * and will be merely kept in memory.  When leaving the private browsing mode,
 * this in-memory value will be discarded, and the last download directory
 * will be reverted to the pref value.
 * Both the pref and the in-memory value will be cleared when clearing the
 * browsing history.  This effectively changes the last download directory
 * to the default download directory on each platform.

const LAST_DIR_PREF = "";
const PBSVC_CID = ";1";
const nsILocalFile = Components.interfaces.nsILocalFile;

var EXPORTED_SYMBOLS = [ "gDownloadLastDir" ];

let pbSvc = null;
if (PBSVC_CID in Components.classes) {
  pbSvc = Components.classes[PBSVC_CID]
let prefSvc = Components.classes[";1"]

let observer = {
  QueryInterface: function (aIID) {
    if (aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsIObserver) ||
        aIID.equals(Components.interfaces.nsISupports) ||
      return this;
    throw Components.results.NS_NOINTERFACE;
  observe: function (aSubject, aTopic, aData) {
    switch (aTopic) {
      case "private-browsing":
        if (aData == "enter")
          gDownloadLastDirFile = readLastDirPref();
        else if (aData == "exit")
          gDownloadLastDirFile = null;
      case "browser:purge-session-history":
        gDownloadLastDirFile = null;
        if (prefSvc.prefHasUserValue(LAST_DIR_PREF))

let os = Components.classes[";1"]
os.addObserver(observer, "private-browsing", true);
os.addObserver(observer, "browser:purge-session-history", true);

function readLastDirPref() {
  try {
    return prefSvc.getComplexValue(LAST_DIR_PREF, nsILocalFile);
  catch (e) {
    return null;

let gDownloadLastDirFile = readLastDirPref();
let gDownloadLastDir = {
  get file() {
    if (gDownloadLastDirFile && !gDownloadLastDirFile.exists())
      gDownloadLastDirFile = null;

    if (pbSvc && pbSvc.privateBrowsingEnabled)
      return gDownloadLastDirFile;
      return readLastDirPref();
  set file(val) {
    if (pbSvc && pbSvc.privateBrowsingEnabled) {
      if (val instanceof Components.interfaces.nsIFile)
        gDownloadLastDirFile = val.clone();
        gDownloadLastDirFile = null;
    } else {
      if (val instanceof Components.interfaces.nsIFile)
        prefSvc.setComplexValue(LAST_DIR_PREF, nsILocalFile, val);
      else if (prefSvc.prefHasUserValue(LAST_DIR_PREF))