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#ifndef nsExceptionHandler_h__
#define nsExceptionHandler_h__

#include "nscore.h"
#include "nsDataHashtable.h"
#include "nsXPCOM.h"
#include "nsStringGlue.h"

#include "nsIFile.h"

#if defined(XP_WIN32)
#include <windows.h>

namespace CrashReporter {
nsresult SetExceptionHandler(nsILocalFile* aXREDirectory, bool force=false);
nsresult UnsetExceptionHandler();
bool     GetEnabled();
bool     GetServerURL(nsACString& aServerURL);
nsresult SetServerURL(const nsACString& aServerURL);
bool     GetMinidumpPath(nsAString& aPath);
nsresult SetMinidumpPath(const nsAString& aPath);
nsresult AnnotateCrashReport(const nsACString& key, const nsACString& data);
nsresult AppendAppNotesToCrashReport(const nsACString& data);
nsresult SetRestartArgs(int argc, char** argv);
nsresult SetupExtraData(nsILocalFile* aAppDataDirectory,
                        const nsACString& aBuildID);

// Functions for working with minidumps and .extras
typedef nsDataHashtable<nsCStringHashKey, nsCString> AnnotationTable;

bool GetMinidumpForID(const nsAString& id, nsILocalFile** minidump);
bool GetIDFromMinidump(nsILocalFile* minidump, nsAString& id);
bool GetExtraFileForID(const nsAString& id, nsILocalFile** extraFile);
bool GetExtraFileForMinidump(nsILocalFile* minidump, nsILocalFile** extraFile);
bool AppendExtraData(const nsAString& id, const AnnotationTable& data);
bool AppendExtraData(nsILocalFile* extraFile, const AnnotationTable& data);

#ifdef XP_WIN32
  nsresult WriteMinidumpForException(EXCEPTION_POINTERS* aExceptionInfo);
#ifdef XP_MACOSX
  nsresult AppendObjCExceptionInfoToAppNotes(void *inException);
nsresult GetSubmitReports(PRBool* aSubmitReport);
nsresult SetSubmitReports(PRBool aSubmitReport);

#ifdef MOZ_IPC
// Out-of-process crash reporter API.

// Return true iff a dump was found for |childPid|, and return the
// path in |dump|.  The caller owns the last reference to |dump| if it
// is non-NULL.
bool TakeMinidumpForChild(PRUint32 childPid,
                          nsILocalFile** dump NS_OUTPARAM);

#ifdef XP_WIN
typedef HANDLE ProcessHandle;
typedef DWORD ThreadId;
typedef int ProcessHandle;
typedef int ThreadId;

// Return the current thread's ID.
// XXX: this is a somewhat out-of-place interface to expose through
// crashreporter, but it takes significant work to call sys_gettid()
// correctly on Linux and breakpad has already jumped through those
// hoops for us.
ThreadId CurrentThreadId();

// Create new minidumps that are snapshots of the state of this parent
// process and |childPid|.  Return true on success along with the
// minidumps and a new UUID that can be used to correlate the dumps.
// If this function fails, it's the caller's responsibility to clean
// up |childDump| and |parentDump|.  Either or both can be created and
// returned non-null on failure.
bool CreatePairedMinidumps(ProcessHandle childPid,
                           ThreadId childBlamedThread,
                           nsAString* pairGUID NS_OUTPARAM,
                           nsILocalFile** childDump NS_OUTPARAM,
                           nsILocalFile** parentDump NS_OUTPARAM);

#  if defined(XP_WIN32)
// Parent-side API for children
const char* GetChildNotificationPipe();

// Child-side API
bool SetRemoteExceptionHandler(const nsACString& crashPipe);

#  elif defined(XP_LINUX)
// Parent-side API for children

// Set the outparams for crash reporter server's fd (|childCrashFd|)
// and the magic fd number it should be remapped to
// (|childCrashRemapFd|) before exec() in the child process.
// |SetRemoteExceptionHandler()| in the child process expects to find
// the server at |childCrashRemapFd|.  Return true iff successful.
// If crash reporting is disabled, both outparams will be set to -1
// and |true| will be returned.
bool CreateNotificationPipeForChild(int* childCrashFd, int* childCrashRemapFd);

// Child-side API
bool SetRemoteExceptionHandler();

#  elif defined(XP_MACOSX)
// When OOP crash reporting is implemented for Mac, it will almost
// certainly use the same interface as the linux code above.  Until
// then, we provide stubs.
void CreateNotificationPipeForChild();
#endif  // XP_WIN32

bool UnsetRemoteExceptionHandler();
#endif // MOZ_IPC

#endif /* nsExceptionHandler_h__ */