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#ifndef TOOLKIT_H      
#define TOOLKIT_H

#include "nsIToolkit.h"

#include <OS.h>

struct MethodInfo;

 * Wrapper around the thread running the message pump.
 * The toolkit abstraction is necessary because the message pump must
 * execute within the same thread that created the widget under Win32.

class nsToolkit : public nsIToolkit

            NS_IMETHOD      Init(PRThread *aThread);
            bool            CallMethod(MethodInfo *info);
			bool			CallMethodAsync(MethodInfo *info);
            // Return whether the current thread is the application's Gui thread.  
            PRBool          IsGuiThread(void)      { return (PRBool)(mGuiThread == PR_GetCurrentThread());}
            PRThread*       GetGuiThread(void)       { return mGuiThread;   }
			void			Kill();
            virtual         ~nsToolkit();
            void            CreateUIThread(void);

    // Thread Id of the "main" Gui thread.
    PRThread    *mGuiThread;
	static void	RunPump(void* arg);
	void		GetInterface();
	bool		cached;
	bool		localthread;
	port_id		eventport;

#endif  // TOOLKIT_H