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#ifndef nsDragService_h__
#define nsDragService_h__

#include "nsBaseDragService.h"
#include "nsIDragSessionBeOS.h"
#include <String.h>

class BMessage;

 * Native BeOS DragService wrapper
class nsDragService : public nsBaseDragService, public nsIDragSessionBeOS

  virtual ~nsDragService();

  NS_IMETHOD InvokeDragSession(nsIDOMNode *aDOMNode,
                               nsISupportsArray * anArrayTransferables,
                               nsIScriptableRegion * aRegion,
                               PRUint32 aActionType);
  NS_IMETHOD StartDragSession();
  NS_IMETHOD EndDragSession(PRBool aDoneDrag);
  // nsIDragSession
  NS_IMETHOD GetNumDropItems      (PRUint32 * aNumItems);
  NS_IMETHOD GetData              (nsITransferable * aTransferable,
                                   PRUint32 aItemIndex);
  NS_IMETHOD IsDataFlavorSupported(const char *aDataFlavor, 
                                   PRBool *_retval);

  NS_IMETHOD GetCanDrop(PRBool * aCanDrop);
  NS_IMETHOD SetCanDrop(PRBool aCanDrop);

  // nsIDragSessionBeOS
  NS_IMETHOD UpdateDragMessageIfNeeded(BMessage *aDragMessage);
  NS_IMETHOD TransmitData(BMessage *aNegotiationReply);

  nsCOMPtr<nsISupportsArray> mSourceDataItems;

  // BeOS specific methods
  void ResetDragInfo(void);
  BMessage      *mDragMessage;
  //If we want to do image-dragging  
  //BBitmap	*dragBitmap;

  // internal drag identifier for lists
  BString        gMimeListType;
  PRPackedBool         IsDragList(void);
  PRPackedBool         mDragIsList;

  // get the initial drag message for this drag
  BMessage * CreateDragMessage();
  static const char * FlavorToBeMime(const char * flavor);

#endif // nsDragService_h__