Bug 820117 - Remove XQuartz from OS X prerequisites; r=gps
authorJorge Luis Mendez <jlmendezbonini@gmail.com>
Tue, 11 Dec 2012 14:02:27 -0800
changeset 121279 7ce1a8ae8ed6f4129c8d26602d2ea8388bf824c4
parent 121278 390fb4d217875a55e992990ab87356aad5997da6
child 121280 9dffd2d825c90b41acb10687f9aa67f28f5cbf27
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Bug 820117 - Remove XQuartz from OS X prerequisites; r=gps DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
--- a/python/mozboot/mozboot/osx.py
+++ b/python/mozboot/mozboot/osx.py
@@ -59,25 +59,16 @@ install a newer version in order to comp
 We will install the Homebrew package manager to install required packages.
 You will be prompted to install Homebrew with its default settings. If you
 would prefer to do this manually, hit CTRL+c, install Homebrew yourself, ensure
 "brew" is in your $PATH, and relaunch bootstrap.
-Homebrew needs XQuartz installed in order to build some dependencies. Please
-download and install XQuartz from the following URL:
-    http://xquartz.macosforge.org/downloads/SL/XQuartz-2.7.3.dmg\
-When that has finished, please relaunch bootstrap.
 We are now installing all required packages via Homebrew. You will see a lot of
 output as packages are built.
 We require a newer compiler than what is provided by your version of Xcode.
@@ -154,32 +145,22 @@ class OSXBootstrapper(BaseBootstrapper):
         bootstrap = urllib2.urlopen(url=HOMEBREW_BOOTSTRAP, timeout=20).read()
         with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tf:
             subprocess.check_call(['ruby', tf.name])
-    def ensure_xquartz(self):
-        if os.path.exists('/Applications/Utilities/XQuartz.app'):
-            return
-        print(HOMEBREW_XQUARTZ)
-        sys.exit(1)
     def ensure_homebrew_packages(self):
         brew = self.which('brew')
         assert brew is not None
         installed = self.check_output([brew, 'list']).split()
-        if 'python' not in installed:
-            self.ensure_xquartz()
         packages = [
             # We need to install Python because Mercurial requires the Python
             # development headers which are missing from OS X (at least on
             # 10.8).
             ('python', 'python'),
             ('mercurial', 'mercurial'),
             ('git', 'git'),
             ('yasm', 'yasm'),