Temporary workaround for bug 681192 and bug 724786 (subpixel layer invalidation). Remove me later.
authorPatrick Walton <pwalton@mozilla.com>
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 22:21:38 -0800
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bugs681192, 724786
Temporary workaround for bug 681192 and bug 724786 (subpixel layer invalidation). Remove me later.
--- a/layout/base/FrameLayerBuilder.cpp
+++ b/layout/base/FrameLayerBuilder.cpp
@@ -866,27 +866,30 @@ ContainerState::CreateOrRecycleThebesLay
   gfxPoint scaledOffset(
       NSAppUnitsToDoublePixels(offset.x, appUnitsPerDevPixel)*mParameters.mXScale,
       NSAppUnitsToDoublePixels(offset.y, appUnitsPerDevPixel)*mParameters.mYScale);
   nsIntPoint pixOffset(NSToIntRoundUp(scaledOffset.x), NSToIntRoundUp(scaledOffset.y));
   gfxMatrix matrix;
   matrix.Translate(gfxPoint(pixOffset.x, pixOffset.y));
+   // FIXME: Temporary workaround for bug 681192 and bug 724786. Uncomment this code before review!
+#if 0
   // Calculate exact position of the top-left of the active scrolled root.
   // This might not be 0,0 due to the snapping in ScaleToNearestPixels.
   gfxPoint activeScrolledRootTopLeft = scaledOffset - matrix.GetTranslation();
   // If it has changed, then we need to invalidate the entire layer since the
   // pixels in the layer buffer have the content at a (subpixel) offset
   // from what we need.
   if (activeScrolledRootTopLeft != data->mActiveScrolledRootPosition) {
     data->mActiveScrolledRootPosition = activeScrolledRootTopLeft;
     nsIntRect invalidate = layer->GetValidRegion().GetBounds();
   return layer.forget();
  * Returns the appunits per dev pixel for the item's frame. The item must
  * have a frame because only nsDisplayClip items don't have a frame,
  * and those items are flattened away by ProcessDisplayItems.