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Back out JS-as-C++, because it's a suspect in the Linux performance regression.

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#include "nsISupports.idl"

interface nsIArray;
interface nsISupportsArray;
interface nsIDOMCharacterData;
interface nsIDOMElement;
interface nsIDOMDocument;
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleRule;
interface nsIDOMNode;

[scriptable, uuid(78fd16c2-bdfb-4b1d-8738-d536d0a8f430)]
interface inIDOMUtils : nsISupports
  // CSS utilities
  nsISupportsArray getCSSStyleRules(in nsIDOMElement aElement);
  unsigned long getRuleLine(in nsIDOMCSSStyleRule aRule);

  // DOM Node utilities
  boolean isIgnorableWhitespace(in nsIDOMCharacterData aDataNode);
  // Returns the "parent" of a node.  The parent of a document node is the
  // frame/iframe containing that document.  aShowingAnonymousContent says
  // whether we are showing anonymous content.
  nsIDOMNode getParentForNode(in nsIDOMNode aNode,
                              in boolean aShowingAnonymousContent);
  // XBL utilities
  nsIArray getBindingURLs(in nsIDOMElement aElement);

  // content state utilities
  long getContentState(in nsIDOMElement aElement);
  void setContentState(in nsIDOMElement aElement, in long aState);