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include protocol PContextWrapper;

include "mozilla/jsipc/CPOWTypes.h";

using mozilla::void_t;
using JSType;
using JSBool;

namespace mozilla {
namespace jsipc {

union JSVariant {
    nullable PObjectWrapper;
    bool; // We'd like to use JSBool here, but JSBool is really JSIntn,
          // and IPC::ParamTraits mistakes JSIntn for int.

union OperationStatus {
    JSVariant; // Exception thrown.

rpc protocol PObjectWrapper
    manager PContextWrapper;

    __delete__(); // unroot

    rpc AddProperty(nsString id)
        returns (OperationStatus status);

    rpc GetProperty(nsString id)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant vp);

    rpc SetProperty(nsString id,
                    JSVariant v)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant vp);

    rpc DelProperty(nsString id)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant vp);

    rpc NewEnumerateInit()
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant statep,
                 int idp);

    rpc NewEnumerateNext(JSVariant in_state)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant statep,
                 nsString idp);

    async NewEnumerateDestroy(JSVariant in_state);

    rpc NewResolve(nsString id,
                   int flags)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 nullable PObjectWrapper obj2);

    rpc Convert(JSType type)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant vp);

    rpc Call(PObjectWrapper receiver,
             JSVariant[] argv)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSVariant rval);

    rpc Construct(JSVariant[] argv)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 nullable PObjectWrapper rval);

    rpc HasInstance(JSVariant v)
        returns (OperationStatus status,
                 JSBool bp);