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#ifndef mozilla_jsipc_ContextWrapperTypes_h__
#define mozilla_jsipc_ContextWrapperTypes_h__

#include "jsapi.h"
#include "jspubtd.h"

using mozilla::void_t;

namespace mozilla {
namespace jsipc {

using namespace IPC;

template <typename P>
struct CPOWSingleton
    static void Write(Message*, const P&) {}
    static bool Read(const Message*, void**, P*) { return true; }

template <typename Type, typename As>
struct CPOWConvertible
    static void Write(Message* m, const Type& t) {
        WriteParam(m, As(t));
    static bool Read(const Message* m, void** iter, Type* tp) {
        As a;
        return (ReadParam(m, iter, &a) &&
                (*tp = Type(a), true));

} // namespace jsipc
} // namespace mozilla

namespace IPC {

using namespace mozilla::jsipc;

template <> struct ParamTraits<JSType> : public CPOWConvertible<JSType, int> {};


// TODO Use a more standard logging mechanism.
#ifdef LOGGING
    JS_BEGIN_MACRO            \
    printf("CPOW | ");        \
    printf PRINTF_ARGS ;      \
    printf("\n");             \
#define JSVAL_TO_CSTR(CX, V) \
    NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8(nsString(JS_GetStringChars(JS_ValueToString(CX, V)))).get()
#define JSVAL_TO_CSTR(CX, V) ((char*)0)