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   <title>Help file for HTTP TestServer/1.1</title>

<h3> Help file for HTTP TestServer/1.1</h3>
The HTTP TestServer is a simple server written to test some special HTTP
behaviour. It is based on a script file (docs/urlmap) and can be easily
extended to add special response situations. <P>

To compile this you will need any version of JDK >1.1.2. Just compile them
with command- <PRE>javac *.java</PRE>
And then run the server with command- <PRE>java TestServer [port]</PRE>
The port is optional and if not specified defaults to 4321.
Assuming that the server is running on http://foo:4321/
Use the following URLs to retrieve special responses. In order to create
your own special case- telnet to foo, and edit the docs/urlmap file to
handle special cases and then add info here about it.
<center><table WIDTH="80%" >
<td><a href="/help">http://foo:4321/help</a></td>
<td>This help file.</td>

<td><a href="/">http://foo:4321/</a></td>
<td>Default echo of the server. Prints the request out.</td>
The subsequent ones may be combined to generate multiple results. NOTE: This 
hasn't been fixed as yet. So it won't work for now. But if it did... 
You can try something fancy like- http://foo:4321/multi&close&both

<center><table WIDTH="80%" >

<td><a href="/multi">http://foo:4321/multi</a></td>
<td>Returns a multipart message.&nbsp;</td>

<td><a href="/close">http://foo:4321/close</a></td>
<td>Returns "Connection: close" in a response header.</td>

<td><a href="/both">http://foo:4321/both</a></td>
<td>Returns the request as well as the response headers.</td>

<p>If you need any more help with running this server, or have suggestions
to improve it let <a href=" TestServer/1.1">me</a>