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#ifndef nsThreadUtilsInternal_h_
#define nsThreadUtilsInternal_h_


class nsIThreadObserver;

 * Function to set a "global" thread observer that all threads will notify when
 * they process an event.  This observer will not be notified when events are
 * posted to threads.  Only one global observer can be set at a time; an
 * attempt to change the value without setting it to null first will throw.
 * This function does NOT take a reference to the observer; the caller of this
 * function is responsible for setting the observer to null when it goes away.
 * This method may only be called on the main thread; attempts to do it on
 * other threads will return an error.
extern nsresult
NS_COM NS_SetGlobalThreadObserver(nsIThreadObserver* aObserver);


#endif  // nsThreadUtilsInternal_h_