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Bug 466379, linux support for screen coordinates in dragend event, also change nsPoint to nsIntPoint, r+sr=roc

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
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# ***** END LICENSE BLOCK *****

use Getopt::Long;

use strict;
use vars qw(

$SCRIPTDIR =~ s/[^\/]*$//;

require "Moz/";

&GetOptions('topsrcdir=s' => \$TOPSRCDIR, 'srcdir=s' => \$SRCDIR, 'objdir=s' => \$OBJDIR, 'debug', 'help', 'template');

if (defined($opt_help)) {

if (defined($opt_template)) {
    if ($opt_debug) {
        print("TEMPLATE_FILE = --@TEMPLATE_FILE--\n");

if (!defined($SRCDIR)) { $SRCDIR = '.'; }
if (!defined($OBJDIR)) { $OBJDIR = '.'; }

$MILESTONE_FILE  = "$TOPSRCDIR/config/milestone.txt";
@MILESTONE_PARTS = (0, 0, 0, 0);

# Grab milestone (top line of $MILESTONE_FILE that starts with a digit)
my $milestone = Moz::Milestone::getOfficialMilestone($MILESTONE_FILE);

if (defined(@TEMPLATE_FILE)) {
  my $TFILE;

  foreach $TFILE (@TEMPLATE_FILE) {
    $TFILE = "$SRCDIR/$TFILE.tmpl";

    if (-e $TFILE) {


    } else {
      warn("$0:  No such file $TFILE!\n");
} else {
  print "$milestone\n";

sub usage() {
  print <<END
` [--topsrcdir TOPSRCDIR] [--objdir OBJDIR] [--srcdir SRCDIR] --template [file list]`  # will build file list from .tmpl files