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Bug 466379, linux support for screen coordinates in dragend event, also change nsPoint to nsIntPoint, r+sr=roc

@echo off
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@echo on

@echo off
if not exist %2\NUL echo Warning: %2 does not exist! (you may need to check it out)
if not exist %2\NUL exit 1

cd %2

goto NO_CAFE

if "%MOZ_CAFE%"=="" goto NO_CAFE

mkdir %MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\dist\classes\%2
%MOZ_TOOLS%\bin\sj.exe -classpath %MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\dist\classes;%MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\sun-java\classsrc -d %MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\dist\classes *.java 
goto END


perl.exe %MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\config\ -d %MOZ_SRC%\mozilla\dist\classes\%2 -cfg %1 *.java > doit.bat
call doit.bat
del doit.bat